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The Simplified List of Spring and Summer Essentials

April 18, 2011

Although the weather insists on performing a few surprise acts, spring is undeniably on it’s way. With that comes the spring/summer it items. (Remember that Spring Inspiration post?)

I’m a high school student with parents who insist on budgeting. Needless to say this pretty much limits my shopping escapades and buying new trends every season. But I’m not complaining. Honestly, just think of it; buying new trend items every other month? Maybe it’s just my upbringing, but doesn’t that seem like an awful lot of waste of money? Anyhow, after scouring the web for whats hot, I’ve hit upon the best options that are wearable even if they’re not in. So basically, you get your moneys worth regardless the season.

spring wedges

Peep-toes, espadrilles, clog bottoms, wooden heels, ankle straps, or wedge booties, wedges give you a wide array of options. Personally I think that these are the most easiest transition items. Feeling cold? Pair wedge booties with skinny jeans, long top and throw on a scarf. Going picnicking? Wear ankle strap wedges with shorts and a cute floral tank. Voila!

Think 70’s chic, boho, hippie. These little accessories can perk up the simplest outfit and add that dash of quirkiness without looking eccentric. It’s my favourite trend for this spring and I suggest you try it out too!

Short front hemlines and long back hemlines are the most popular version of this trend. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great options either. Though asymmetrical hemlines were mostly seen in crop tops, now we can see this trend incorporated in other pieces too. An asymmetrical skirt with a fitted top would look great on sunny days as would a tank with an irregular hemline on skinny jeans.

What are your favourite trends for spring and summer?

10 Things I Love

April 15, 2011

Just a little note: So my header has a teensy problem. That neither makes it look pretty nor attractive. The new one (made by Ari of The Path Before Forever) is really great but the old one refuses to vanish. Please bear with the ugliness till I figure out how to fix it. Or if any of you do know how to fix it, please please please don’t hesitate to tell me. Thanks! Now back to the post…

A wonderful blogger, Kristie of Lace & Berries, tagged me in ’10 Things I Love’, according to which I have to

  1. State who gave you this award in your post.
  2. State 10 things that you love.
  3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers, listing them at the end of the post, and notify them with a lovely comment.

Easy peasy. Now the top ten things I love (apart from family, friends and my three musketeers, who are two cats and a dog) are

#10 Cooking

cookies, baking, cooking, chocolate chip cookies

Cooking, baking, tossing, whipping, basically anything in the kitchen. I am a complete foodie and love to make my own food. Apart from fashion blogs (and pet blogs) my other favourite genre is cooking blogs. Wonderful, delicious, sumptuous, finger licking, mouth watering, what else? I can make dinner for four without whining and have been messing around in the kitchen since I could learn to walk (or so my mom says). So it goes without saying, I’ll don the chef hat with no qualms.

#9 Harry Potter

harry potter, harry potter and the deathly hallows

Yes, I am an ardent Harry Potter fan. I am one of those freaks who thinks J.K. Rowling should get a Pulitzer or something. I have CollegeFashion‘s posts on varius Harry Potter wardrobe inspirations stashed in my favourites. Thinking of how Quidditch could be converted into a playable real-world game is one of my favourite pastimes when I’m bored at school. Just one thing though, I am of the firm opinion that the books are way better than the movies. Or maybe that’s just the nerd inside me speaking.

#8 Sitcoms

18 to life, sitcom

I am also a television junkie. I will watch (and get hooked to) any random sitcom I come across. My current TV list includes Glee, 18 To Life, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Community, 30 Rock, Mad Men, Gossip Girl, Entourage and it goes on. My new best friend is Don’t ask me how I make time for all of it. It just makes time for itself.

#7 The LBD

little black dress, fashion drawings

The classic, evergreen wardrobe staple. Can be oh-so easily dressed up or down. It adds panache to any look and is flattering on everyone. Audrey Hepburn made this piece popular and all for a good cause. It is chic, versatile and you can find some that are easy on the pocket. Need I say more?

#6 Vintage Cars

vintage car

A hunk of shiny metal says you? Well, a priceless vintage car says I. Seriously, these things just make me go weak in the knees. Others consider it ludicrous, but my infatuation refuses to cease. It’s just one of those things.

#5 Edibles with a high quantity of sugar

lollipop, lollypop, sweets, sugar

Cupcakes, chocolate, lollipops, toffees, cookies, you name it. I like to think of sugar as my lifeline. Oh, and just so you know, I do brush my teeth thrice a day. It’s the price you have to pay for a high sugar diet.

#4 Classical music

violin, classical music, orchestra

Classical music is something that will never lose it’s charm regardless of the other genres that keep popping up. Vivaldi, Bach, Debusssy; geniuses each one of them. Learning the piano myself, it’s not hard to appreciate this kind of music. Others my consider this genre for geeks or whatever, but all I’ll say to that is each man to his own.

#3 My iPhone


I love this nifty little piece of technology to bits. Who wouldn’t? The iPhone doesn’t need an introduction. I can do anything under the sun on it (let’s not go into literal meanings). I can blog, photograph, listen to music, chat, do absolute nonsense and waste my time; it’s perfect. Words can’t describe it. Let’s leave it at that.

#2 New York

 new york, new york skyline, gotham city, the big apple

New York City. My dream, ambition, passion, everything. Ever since I first saw New York City in a movie when I was a kid, I’ve been absolutely fascinated. And it still doesn’t cease to impress. This gritty city is where I want to be. That place is like a living magazine. It is a treasure for someone like me. It is THE most happening place. Why do most movies have NY as their backdrop? Why do great people love this city enough to call it home? Why does Frank Sinatra sing a song for this city? Go figure.

#1 Reading, writing, and literature in general

I’m a self confessed bookworm. I have a voracious appetite and can devour pages after pages in no time. In the same way, I can spew out pages after pages too. Short stories, essays, poems, posts anything and everything. Learning a new language isn’t a burden for me. I feel completely at home in a library (with good ventilation of course) and writing reports isn’t a hard task. That doesn’t mean I enjoy doing homework or anything. I’d rather spend my time with a good Jeffery Archer or something on the same lines.

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And another thing. I’ve written a guest post on my favourite style icon (and personal idol) over at the Sugar & Spice blog. Go ahead and check it out 🙂 you’ll love the blog.

…and I’m back!

April 12, 2011

I am so sorry for my being MIA for such a long time. The main reasons for my absence would be my finals and a short vacation.

So with my finals behind me I’m officially over with my junior year! Hooray! I am looking forward to having a blast and making this year worth remembering.

It’s exciting yet unnerving. My last year of school? I’m not usually a sentimental person, but I’ll admit this topic is close to my heart. I wish it were as easy as stomping my foot and saying, “I don’t want to grow up!” and throwing a kiddie tantrum like Peter Pan or his gang of Lost Boys (okay, I like my Disney movies. See? I’m still a kid). But sigh this is the real world and not Neverland and I’ll have to deal with college.

virgin beach, dog and master at beach

The picture may look a little grainy because it was taken on my iPhone and edited en route home on my iPhone again. Thank heavens for PS Express.

Once vacations started, my family (including our feisty little lab Cookie) took a little trip to the beachside. Doesn’t the picture look heavenly? Sunshine-y days, virgin beaches and no worries? Yes please!

We stayed in this ‘sleepy-little-town’ place and everything over there had a very rural, village-esqe feel. So much so that the nearest internet cafe was twenty miles away and charged a mighty hefty sum for an hour. So I chose to pass which explains my absence of posts.

In other news

I’ve also developed a liking for the sitcom Community. The topic is pretty neat and all in all it’s my go-to stress buster serial now that How I Met Your Mother marathons are over.

Did I mention I like love to write? Well, I do. I’ve stumbled upon (not literally) this nifty little site called ‘wattpad’ that allows me to publish my short stories, novels, poems, etc, etc and allows the community members to view, vote, comment on them (some of you may know about it already, but it’s pretty new to me). And, not to sound all show off-ish but, my new story made it to the What’s Hot list! In a record time of three days! I’ve been all smiles ever since…

Back to the point, now that I’m back, it’s safe to expect a heavy onslaught of posts. Stay tuned for more!

Guess who’s got the Versatile Blogger Award?

March 20, 2011

versatile bloggeraward, versatile blogger badgeFirst and foremost I’d like to thank my fellow blogger Emily of Scarlet Letter Style for bestowing upon me this honour. Seriously, its my first ever recognition of any kind and I’m absolutely elated. So the course of action I’m supposed to take after receiving this is:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who gave me this award (check)
  2. Share seven things about myself (erm…)
  3. Award seven recently discovered bloggers (its at the end; I save the best for last)
  4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award (check)

Alright, here goes nothing Seven Things About Me

  1. I am a total animal lover. I’ve had everything from mice to turtles to lizards to snakes to butterflies to horses and have currently stabilized on two cats and a dog. But fish seem to hate me. They never last for more than a week. The longest a fish has ever survived at our house was Tiger who lived for a month (but he was my sisters).
  2. My attraction towards headbands borders dangerously close to unhealthy.
  3. I have an extreme sweet tooth. I will guarantee to rid the pantry of any item containing sugar within a week provided the pantry is not locked with a heavy-duty industrial chain and lock. (Just kidding. I break through that too)
  4. I do martial arts and yoga. I know, it sounds weird. But I’m only one level away from a black belt. (Fear me)
  5. I own only one pair of heels. The rest are flats. Towering above everyone is not my cup of tea. I’m already 5’7″
  6. I am a self-confessed literature addict. My ‘literature’ includes everything from Lauren Conrad to Harry Potter to Iliad and Odyssey.
  7. I also like watching cricket. Just so you know, there’s a World Cup going on. Any other cricket fans out there? Who are you rooting for?

The Seven Great Bloggers I’ve Recently Discovered

  1. Halie of Prada for Breakfast
  2. Kristie of Lace and Berries
  3. Chi of If I Were Audrey
  4. Madeleine of In New York, Paris Tomorrow
  5. Ari of The Path Before Forever
  6. Sara of Life With 4 Cats
  7. Ashley of Two Eyes In The Mirror

I can name so many more. No, I want to name so many more. Please tell me if it’s allowed. Seriously, I want to pass on the blogger love to other deserving bloggers too.

PS: This is a complete procrastination post. I’m supposed to be studying for my finals but couldn’t help myself…

A journal, a headband and some DIY…

March 19, 2011

I’ve been pulling off all nighters almost daily lately and that has NOT reflected beautifully on either my health or my face. To put it bluntly, I look pretty much like a raccoon due to lack of sleep. My finals are just a blink away and I am really starting to lose it. So, as a well deserved break (and a preserver for my sanity) I went to raid the nearest store. And I also made a bracelet.journal, horses journal

This is the new journal I got. I’ve been meaning to keep myself organized and I’ve finally taken a proactive towards it! (Hooray!) I just love the artsy horse design on the cover. Having pretty stationary makes staying organized so much more easier!

journal sections, papers,It even has built-in sections! And the colors of the handmade paper look great too (only you can’t really see it properly because of the photo quality)

basic black headband, cheap headband, simple headband, headband, black headband

So this is my new headband. It was unbelievably cheap. Only a dollar! Can you believe it? I’ve been wanting a basic black headband for sometime now. To add a teensy Blair Waldorf-esque touch to a dressy outfit without looking over the top. This fits the bill perfectly! (pun not intended)

woven bracelet, DIY bracelet, beads bracelet, thread bracelet, green and white bracelet

And this is the bracelet. It’s for my sister actually. I wove beads through it to jazz it up. It  was the very first DIY I figured out myself, so I’m kinda proud about it. It goes without saying that it’s probably the easiest DIY ever, considering I figured it out. It probably looks like something you’d do at summer camp, but it looks pretty on a summer-y outfit (yes, me and my sister already tried it out).

Would you like to know how I made the bracelet? Do you have any other DIYs to share? What are your recent purchases? Do you have any tips for desperate last-minute studying? Don’t forget to let me know…

PS: Terribly sorry for the very short post. I’m really having a hard time managing my studies and my blog. Please excuse a dearth of posts during 25th to 7th on account of my finals. Wish me luck…

Spring editorial inspiration

March 17, 2011

Spring is on its way and this heralds the time to wear florals and bright colors. This editorial from Vogue Brazil personifies spring. You can see an eclectic mix of all the essential ingredients.

vogue fashion editoral, vogue brazil, spring fashion editorial march 2011

vogue brazil march 2011 spring fashion editorial

vogue brazil 2011 march spring fashion editorial

The gorgeous flowy fabrics, the fresh floral prints, bold colors, light makeup up with fuchsia lips and natural tousled hair. Ah, spring. These looks can be emulated with a little imagination. Try these on for size

spring style
Basically everything bright, floral and fun is spring. The purple tank, pink dress, and even vintage handbag are oh-so-spring. You can add a little bright touch to your face with lip tint which really adds that pop! And how can we forget fragrances? Think floral (again), fruity, citrus-y and fresh. There are lots of cheap (and great) options available out there, so you have no excuse to smell bad!
spring daytime looks

Here I’ve tried two looks, the dress and the trouser. Note that the trousers are slightly wide legged to stay in sync with the ‘flare’ trend thats on. The bag in the dress ensemble creates a focal point and breaks up the monotony of the cool color scheme. And the other outfit has a color blocked top (another hot trend for spring) and the trousers have a cute bow detailing for that extra feminine touch!

 Did you like these looks? Which trend do you plan on trying this season? Or will you stick to tried and true styles? I love to hear from you guys…

The vanishing model

March 16, 2011

anorexic, anorexia, biny model, skinny model, anorexic model

After reading a thought-provoking post by a fellow blogger Catherine of Silhouette Girl, I was inspired to do the same. This is an issue on which I’ve been wanting to express my thoughts for a long time now. (I hope those who this is meant for are reading. Yes Tanya, you too).

For those of you who think that the model in the above photo has a great body, you’re wrong. Sadly mistaken. It’s not a body to kill for, it’s a body that kills. Being underweight can lead to serious health issues like osteoporosis, infertility, kidney failure and even heart conditions. Even then, the fashion industry insists on spewing out clothes on Kate Moss clones who accessorize with ribs, jutting hip bones, sunken cheeks and listless eyes.

It is a sorry state of affairs as reports state that including the young teenage models, 30% of the models have a BMI less than the acceptable 18. Fashion industry top brass defend by saying that they want to portray a picture of health and beauty and shun the gaunt emaciated look. Honestly, if skeleton models are supposed to portray healthy, then it sure is a scary definition of health.

But the real scare is not the ladies who walk the ramp, but those out there who are bombarded by and bombard on their sisters, friends, mothers, daughters, cousins and media that being beautiful is being skinny. About 53% of American girls report that they are unhappy with their bodies at age thirteen, which increases to a 78% till seventeen. Although anorexia and eating disorders are most common in teens, the disorders can start from an age as early as eight.

Around 15% of teenage girls have some type of eating disorder or eating disorder related behavior and more than 5 million Americans suffer from eating disorders every year, according to the NIH. Instead of pointing fingers, we should first change ourselves as victims of eating disorders admit to being influenced by popular media and peers. This has to stop. Around a thousand women die each year from anorexia. Who is responsible for their deaths? Media? Well, the media serves what the audience like. We are the audience. Unless we raise our voice against this atrocity, the numbers are likely to increase than decrease.

It’s proven that 5 to 20 percent of teens who have anorexia will die for reasons related to the disorder. Their whole lives are laid to waste for some cruel, disfigured sense of beauty. The ‘size’ factor is just a fleeting trend. The dialogue from Devil Wears Prada pretty much sums it up

Andy: Doesn’t anybody eat around here?
Nigel:  Not since two is the new four and zero is the new two.
Andy: Well I’m a size six…
Nigel:  Aha, the new fourteen.

Again I say, we are the only ones who can change it. Realize that women are beautiful no matter what shape or size. Look around, think of the people you know. What matters? Their size or personality? Educate those around you. You might just save a life.

Alice in jewellery

March 13, 2011

“Curiouser and curiouser…”                                                                                                          Our dear little Alice, who had the time of her life in Wonderland has been immortalised through jewellery. Although she may have been a figment of imagination of Lewis Carrol, Etsy showcases jewellery inspired by her adventures. Here are a few pieces I adore

Alice in Wonderland jewellery, rabbit jewellery, I'm late

White Rabbit Locket in Bronze

Alice in wonderland inspired jewellery, falling cards

Alice and Cards Gold Plated Locket with Swarkovski Pearl

Alice in wonderland inspired jewellery, mad hatter locket necklace pendant  Mad Hatter Necklace

alice in wonderland jewellery, pendant locket necklace drink me

Alice with the ‘Drink Me’ bottle 

alice in wonderland inspired jewellery, bobby pins tea pot

Tea Pot Bobby Pins

alice in wonderland inspired jewellery, you're nothing but a pack of cards locket necklace pendant

“You’re nothing but a pack of cards” Locket

 You can find out more information on each piece by clicking on the links

Aren’t they pretty? So delicate, elegant, ladylike and vintage. Do you know any more collections like these?

Get Blue…

March 12, 2011

This Paris Fashion Week saw an onslaught of blue eye makeup. Steffie Christiaens had pale faces with pointed blue eyes, at Aganovich there was aquamarine minimal and Zac Posen showed a dramatic look with khol rimmed eyes and blue shadow.

Zac Posen, Paris Fashion Week 2011, Blue eyemakeup

Zac Posen



Steffie Christiaens

Blue is a hot color for spring, so why not give it a try? Simple blue eyeliner can do the trick for a daytime look and for the evening you can go all out on the drama.

You can keep it light or even try this tutorial for a daytime look for help. So, are you a fan of blue? Will you be trying it out?

For Japan

March 11, 2011

Everyone must know by now the terrible disaster thats struck Japan. The island country is currently facing casualties from two natural calamities: a massive earthquake measuring 8.9 and a tsunami who’s waves scaled around 33 ft. This terrible event struck the mainly agrarian and fishing community habitat of north-east Japan at 0546 GMT (1446 local time). Till now, the government confirmed death toll is 29 but locals fear it may be much more. The number of missing people is yet unknown although it is expected to be high.

A major airport and an oil refinery plant have been destroyed. All nuclear plants have been shut down. Japanese news reporting agency, NHK has been showing massive cracks in pavement, extensive external building damage in Sendai. A tsunami warning has been issued to the Philippines, Hawaii, the Pacific coast of Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Central and South America and also the entire US west coast.

Such an intense calamity hasn’t struck the Pacific region in many years and has caught the countries in the vicinity unawares although they are initiating immediate action. Britain’s Foreign Office has now set up a help line for anyone in the UK worried about friends or relatives in Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami: 020 7008 0000.

The disturbing graphics from live news seem unreal and cinematic. Where should the people go when nowhere is safe? My heart goes out to the people of Japan and their friends and families. I find it so ironic that at one place there is such devastation and destruction and at the same time there is joy and happiness in my family on account of the birth of a baby cousin.

We often underestimate the prowess of nature, but as we can see, the results are disastrous. Let us pray and hope for the victims trapped in such a calamity. It is the very least we can do…