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Top 5 Free Fashion Apps For iPads and iPhones

March 2, 2011

Lets face it, whether we like it or not, the stupendous growth of Apple Inc has pushed the boundaries of media and created a whole new domain for fashion and style. With the rise of mobile surfing and those oh-so-addictive apps, we want everything at our fingertips. Right here, right now. So, I’ve decided to list down the best free ones I found. Here they are, in no particular order:

fashion app, style app, iPhone, iPad, app






Yup, our favourite NY based site, now has its own app. For ten years, this site has been providing us with fashion advice, photos, videos and interactive media coverage. Expect no less from the app.

Gilt on the go

fashion app, style app, Gilt Groupe, Gilt on the go, icon, iPhone, iPad






The coveted Gilt Groupe has an app that is just what the name says. Fashion advice, mobile purchasing, this little nugget has got it all. They’re latest version includes options for sharing purchases and other things on facebook, twitter and other social networks.


fashion app, style app, icon, iPhone, iPad, Interview Magazine app






Interview magazine’s new app is quite a bold trend setter. The colorful graphics are great as is the in-depth information on all things fashion, film, music, art and culture. It’s a sure to eat into your schedule as its packed with images, interviews as well as audio and video content.


fashion app, style app, Shopstyle app, iPhone, iPad






This little baby by Sugar Inc is my favourite. It combines all the stores and brands you love giving you a seamless shopping experience. It covers all including menswear, ladies wear, kids wear and even interior! It gives you sale updates, has a favourites option (so you can get back to that item you loved) and so much more. Most shops and brands even have a mobile optimized checkout service letting you can shop from your phone! So is that great or is that great?

Ask a stylist (Glamour)

fashion app, style app, icon, iPhone, iPad, Glamour Ask a stylist




The Glamour powered Ask A Stylist App is what I would have loved as a little kid (not that I don’t now). But seriously, we’re talking your own 24/7 personal handheld stylist here. Whats not to love? You can upload images of the outfit or whatever you want to ask your stylist about and you get free professional advice in minutes!

So do you plan on downloading these apps anytime soon? Have I missed out on any app? What do you think? Don’t forget to let me know!

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