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Listed: February

March 3, 2011

Granted that February is already over but I still think it won’t hurt to list my stupendous finds and doings of the month. And here they are:

Studying: Yes. I know. Its horrendous. But I can’t help not studying like crazy. My finals are on the 25th and I am completely freaking out. This is neither a stupendous find nor a stupendous doing but I had to tell you guys, please don’t mind a decline in posts for that short period of time. Help me out here. And why do I feel like I’m completely screwed? On the top side though, I’ve found a great new way to unwind. This nifty little site lets you create your own online ‘radio station’ quite like Pandora. Only this is way better because of a wider variety of artists, no commercials, and plus whatever you listen to automatically gets saved on your profile. Pretty cool.

Spring clothing: Flowery, flowy tank tops! Love. I plan on treating myself to a spring clothing shopping spree after my exams. And I’ve starting doing a bit of research beforehand. (No, I’m not procrastinating. Okay well, maybe a little). I found these great tank tops at Forever21 and SugarLips. At rock bottom prices. To tell you the truth, this light at the end of the tunnel is the only thing thats keeping me going.

$0.99 dreams: An amazing photo blog I found by Split Pea Vintage. I am definitely following and suggest you do to. As an amature photographer I need all the inspiration I can get.

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hair, braid, flowers, girl, vintage, photography, arthong kong, skateboard, boys, BMW

grease, still, john travolta, movie, art, photography, lady, woman, smokingart, photography, black and white, girl, vintage, polka dots, ponytail

Aren’t they awesome?

Rayban Sunglasses: My dad retired his old RayBan’s and guess what? I have full custody over them! I’m not usually much of an androgamy fan, but these glares were just too good to be true. I’ll even make a post on that wonderful accessory.

So whats on your list? Any great happenings last month? I’d love to know!

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