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Lookbook: A day at the flea market

March 4, 2011

In search for the perfect gift for a friend, me and my BFF went on a shopping mission. That is, a shopping mission to a flea market. Of course it isn’t something to be scorned or looked down upon. The variety, the colors, the style, (not to mention rock bottom prices) are found only in flea markets or bazaars. So, this is what I wore:

juicy coture, aeropostale, thrift, streetwear, style, fashion

(Sorry I couldn’t model the clothes. I was busy making up for the lost-while-shopping studying time, so my sister improvised)

Jacket: Juicy Couture, Tee: Aeropostale, Jeans: Thrifted 

And I accessorized with this:

pashmina, gap bag, crossbody, rayban glares, accessories, streetstyle, fashion

Bag: Gap, Pashmina: Thrifted, Glares: That awesome pair of RayBans I told you about last time

I’d decided to try to go all monochromatic, but ended up breaking the monotony with my favourite green and pink crossbody Gap bag anyway.

Note: I couldn’t upload the pictures from the flea market because of some glitch in my computer. I’ll be sure to update the post later though…


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