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Alice in jewellery

March 13, 2011

“Curiouser and curiouser…”                                                                                                          Our dear little Alice, who had the time of her life in Wonderland has been immortalised through jewellery. Although she may have been a figment of imagination of Lewis Carrol, Etsy showcases jewellery inspired by her adventures. Here are a few pieces I adore

Alice in Wonderland jewellery, rabbit jewellery, I'm late

White Rabbit Locket in Bronze

Alice in wonderland inspired jewellery, falling cards

Alice and Cards Gold Plated Locket with Swarkovski Pearl

Alice in wonderland inspired jewellery, mad hatter locket necklace pendant  Mad Hatter Necklace

alice in wonderland jewellery, pendant locket necklace drink me

Alice with the ‘Drink Me’ bottle 

alice in wonderland inspired jewellery, bobby pins tea pot

Tea Pot Bobby Pins

alice in wonderland inspired jewellery, you're nothing but a pack of cards locket necklace pendant

“You’re nothing but a pack of cards” Locket

 You can find out more information on each piece by clicking on the links

Aren’t they pretty? So delicate, elegant, ladylike and vintage. Do you know any more collections like these?


Get Blue…

March 12, 2011

This Paris Fashion Week saw an onslaught of blue eye makeup. Steffie Christiaens had pale faces with pointed blue eyes, at Aganovich there was aquamarine minimal and Zac Posen showed a dramatic look with khol rimmed eyes and blue shadow.

Zac Posen, Paris Fashion Week 2011, Blue eyemakeup

Zac Posen



Steffie Christiaens

Blue is a hot color for spring, so why not give it a try? Simple blue eyeliner can do the trick for a daytime look and for the evening you can go all out on the drama.

You can keep it light or even try this tutorial for a daytime look for help. So, are you a fan of blue? Will you be trying it out?

For Japan

March 11, 2011

Everyone must know by now the terrible disaster thats struck Japan. The island country is currently facing casualties from two natural calamities: a massive earthquake measuring 8.9 and a tsunami who’s waves scaled around 33 ft. This terrible event struck the mainly agrarian and fishing community habitat of north-east Japan at 0546 GMT (1446 local time). Till now, the government confirmed death toll is 29 but locals fear it may be much more. The number of missing people is yet unknown although it is expected to be high.

A major airport and an oil refinery plant have been destroyed. All nuclear plants have been shut down. Japanese news reporting agency, NHK has been showing massive cracks in pavement, extensive external building damage in Sendai. A tsunami warning has been issued to the Philippines, Hawaii, the Pacific coast of Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Central and South America and also the entire US west coast.

Such an intense calamity hasn’t struck the Pacific region in many years and has caught the countries in the vicinity unawares although they are initiating immediate action. Britain’s Foreign Office has now set up a help line for anyone in the UK worried about friends or relatives in Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami: 020 7008 0000.

The disturbing graphics from live news seem unreal and cinematic. Where should the people go when nowhere is safe? My heart goes out to the people of Japan and their friends and families. I find it so ironic that at one place there is such devastation and destruction and at the same time there is joy and happiness in my family on account of the birth of a baby cousin.

We often underestimate the prowess of nature, but as we can see, the results are disastrous. Let us pray and hope for the victims trapped in such a calamity. It is the very least we can do…

OPI for Pirates of the Caribbean 4

March 10, 2011

OPI for pirates of the caribbean 4 nail polish collection, Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean:Through stranger tides

Are your nails ready to walk the plank?

Because OPI has launched its special Pirates of the Caribbean: Through Stranger Tides nail polish collection. I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely thrilled to watch that movie. There’s something about Johnny Depp if you know what I mean. The way those pirates swash buckles or buckle swashes or whatever. You get the drift.

The special collection features colors inspired by the movie like: Skull & Crossbones (pale gray), Mermaid’s Tears (green), Stranger Tides (sage green), Planks a Lot (purple), Steady as She Rose (rosy pink), and Sparrow Me the Drama (bold pink). A bonus is a graffiti like Silver Shatter topcoat that gives you that cracked, two-toned metallic finish. Kinda like OPI’s black shatter.

Well sure, the whole idea may seem a bit too much. I mean what possible connection is there between Pirates and Polish? But we love it anyway. The only complaint I have is the shades. I’d have expected something a tad bit more tropical-ish and bright that’d have really packed a punch, rather than muted shades that were so hot last fall.

But anyway, I am so on board! Are you? Do you like the Pirates series? I’d love to hear from you!

PS: If you’re looking for the ultimate nail cover, check this out. My fellow blogger has this cool Sally Hansen Nail Strips Giveaway!

Kate Middleton to wed in Alexander McQueen?

March 7, 2011

Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen, Kate Middleton wedding gown, Sartorial, WillKat wedding
With the WillKat wedding craze everywhere, the ‘next big thing’ was bound to be the bride’s wedding gown. For that all important walk down the aisle, the dress is bound to be important too.
Rumor has it that Sarah Burton (Alexander McQueen) is going to be the brain behind the gown. Not to mention, Miss Middleton will have her say in the designing process too.
The Telegraph reports that Burton was “chosen for the discretion afforded by her relatively low profile, as well as for her alternative take on elegance.” Frankly, I think the choice was well made as Kate’s ensembles have mostly been conservative. McQueen will be a fresh change without becoming too much of a Gaga costume either. The to be groom also seems to approve of this choice and praises the house for their ‘staying true to English fashion and costume’.
The news is fresh off the grapevine that Prince William’s little known step-sister (who coincidentially also married in McQueen) Sara Buys must also be influencing the desicion.
With all this said and done, all we can do is wait and see what the Royal taste demands.

Bet you didn’t know…

March 5, 2011

Alright people, its trivia time. No, it’s not the pain-in-your-neck kind but the omg-wtf-are-you-friggin-serious? kind. Interested? Probably not as much as you will be after reading.

oscars, academy awards, natalie portman, scientist, 83

Natalie Portman: And the Oscar goes to…a scientist! You heard that right. Natalie Portman, who played Nina in Black Swan is a Precocious Scientist. In high school she also made it to the semifinals of the Intel Science Search. She never let her studies at Harvard and acting career clash. If she had a shoot scheduled when she had a paper due, she’d just submit the paper early. As easy as that. (Well, maybe not so easy for the rest of us)…

hedy lamarr, classic film star, epic lady, hollywood star, beautiful woman

Hedy Lamarr: The actress who is regarded as one of the most beautiful ladies of Hollywood lived a little known life as a rocket scientist. She invented and patented a torpedo guiding technique she called ‘frequency hopping’. This thwarted efforts to jam the signals that kept the missile on track. Hedy used to comlain bitterly of how nobody looked through her pretty face. And seriously, I don’t blame her. Hats off to that woman…

neirobiologist, Phd, Big bang theory, blossom, mayin bialik

Mayim Bialik: You might know her as the adorably frumpy-nerdy neurobiologist, Amy Farrah Fowler in the hit series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ but you probably don’t know her as a real neurobiologist. Dr. Mayim has a PhD from UCLA in neurobiology. Funnily, she doesn’t see showbiz and science as completely immiscible liquids. She says that in both fields, a ‘large ego’ is required.

danica mckellar, math, nypd blue, young justice, the wonder years, the west wing

Danica McKellar: This lady who has starred in serials like ‘The Wonder Years’, ‘The West Wing’, ‘NYPD Blue’ and ‘Young Justice’ graduated summa cum laude from UCLA. She is a mathematician who has helped devise a mathematical proof for certain properties of magnetic fields (a theorem that bears her name along with the other collaborators). She also writes books on math with witty PG-13 titles that don’t sound quite so nerdy.

Inspiring wasn’t it? Do you know anyone else who has accomplished two different extremes? Let me know…

How shopping was back in 1888

March 4, 2011

victorian era, fashion, style, etiquette, lifestyle, ladies

As I’ve said before, I am someone who’d feel completely at home if a time warp somehow transported us to the 19th century. For me, pearls, lace, ruffles, tea parties et al are wonderful. The ladies, gentlemen, ball dances, orchestras, the sheer elegance and luxury of the era never fail to impress me. So, to share my love for all that is Victorian with you, here is an excerpt from an etiquette book on how shopping interactions must be.

A Salesman Should:                                                                                                                Be patient, cheerful, and obliging. 

Advise a customer, or assist her in making a choice, if asked to do so.           

Be as polite to a poor customer as to a rich one.

Remember that customers cannot always know just what they want until they have seen the new fabrics of the season, and that a customer has a right to walk through a shop looking at articles for a reasonable length of time, without being compelled to purchase anything.            

A Salesman Should Not:

Be impertinent to customers, or to make remarks upon them in the hearing of other customers.

Advise a customer when he has not been asked to do so.

A Customer Should:

Know beforehand as nearly as possible what she wishes to buy.

Look at articles, and not to buy until another day, to say so in the first instance.

If one wish to see a piece of goods nearer the light, to ask the clerk politely if he cannot bring or send the material to the desired spot.

A Customer Should Not:

(For gentlemen) to try to flirt with saleswomen and annoy them with foolish speeches.

Expect to be allowed to carry valuable dress-goods or other articles to the door of a shop, or to scold and make an outcry because such an unreasonable request is refused.

Did you like reading how things were in the olden times? Would you like to hear more? I’d love to know what you think!